“Foodie” fun for kids: Frozen Caterpillar
By: Sarah Choueiry | 2012-08-23

“Foodie” fun for kids: Frozen Caterpillar

INGREDIENTS(makes two caterpillars):

1 wooden skewer

10-15 grapes

2 golden raisins


Parent: Break a wooden skewer in two; clean off the ends so no small pieces of wood are sticking out.

Kiddo: Place 5-6 grapes on each skewer. Once done, place the skewers in a small bag and place into the freezer.

Kiddo: The next day, take the grapes from the freezer.

Parent: Cut two raisins in half.

Kiddo: Push the open end of the raisin into the "head of the caterpillar." It should have no issues sticking, since the grapes are so cold and the gooey part of the raisin just sticks on. Add the other "eye". Do the same for the other caterpillar.


Cold and Hot... time to talk about the things we eat or touch, or the places we go that are cold or hot. Some examples of questions could include:

- Where do you put food to stay cold?

- Where do you put food to make it hot?

- What foods do we eat cold?

- What foods do we eat hot?

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About the Author: Sarah Choueiry
Sarah Choueiry Author Photo Sarah Choueiry has two passions: working with children as a Speech and Language Pathologist and cooking. Her web site www.speechfoodie.com provides parents with healthy, nutritious and easy-to-make...

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