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  • Real Moms Share
    Jennifer Schwertfeger is a special mother who contributed to this issue’s “Real Moms Share” section. We asked her to give us an insight into herself, as well as into her life raising her daughter Grace who was born at 24 weeks a micropremmie. W...

  • Private Duty Nursing
    What is it? Why you need it? And how to get it I am a mom of a special needs child that is medically complex. For the first 2 years of his life, my husband and I did everything for him. We now, finally, have help. So how did we finally get help? W...

  • Real Life
    Bullying is a real issue that continues to expand and morph into many different forms, affecting today’s youth. The million-dollar question still remains, “What should be the focus to win the war against bullying and stop it dead in its tracks?...

  • Noteworthy!
    Caring, Sensitive Santa Caring Santa is an opportunity for children with special needs and their families to enjoy a photo session with Santa. Extra care has been taken to support the sensory, physical and other developmental needs of children so t...

  • From The Heart
    It’s the Most Wonderful Time... As the Holidays approach us, it reminds us to stop and count our blessings and celebrate our victories: both big and small. Heaven knows I need to do it more often, but, it nonetheless doesn’t prevent me from st...

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