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  • Power Of Play
    After a holiday party, there might be an excess of empty aluminum cans. Perfect. It’s just the right material for a fun game. So, before you bundle the cans up and take them to a recycling center, play the game, “Can you do the CanCan”? Star...

  • Special Diets
    CANDY What would the holidays be like without candy? Not much fun, especially for young children. Even if your child is on a special diet or you are just searching for healthier options, there are many web sites that can provide a variety of fall...

  • Fitness Fun
    “It’s time to work with Eric!” No. It isn’t. That’s a typical instruction parents give prior to my sessions with their children. True, we will be working on some target activities and continuing to master goals, but the way we approach i...

  • Dealing With Changes In School Routines
    During the Holiday Season For many households, the holiday season is a time filled with changes in routine, which can be stressful for both parents and kids. Changes in routine aren’t just limited to home this time of year. In schools, the period...

  • Holiday Gift Guide
    Gifts for now... and later Holidays are a time to get together with friends and family and gift giving is oftentimes a part of the party. This year there are some play products that serve both purposes. Giving gifts that encourage inclusive, colle...

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