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  • Real Life
    Bullying is a real issue that continues to expand and morph into many different forms, affecting today’s youth. The million-dollar question still remains, “What should be the focus to win the war against bullying and stop it dead in its tracks?...

  • Noteworthy!
    Caring, Sensitive Santa Caring Santa is an opportunity for children with special needs and their families to enjoy a photo session with Santa. Extra care has been taken to support the sensory, physical and other developmental needs of children so t...

  • From The Heart
    It’s the Most Wonderful Time... As the Holidays approach us, it reminds us to stop and count our blessings and celebrate our victories: both big and small. Heaven knows I need to do it more often, but, it nonetheless doesn’t prevent me from st...

  • Family
    Where Life Begins & Love Never Ends I knew I wanted to be a parent my whole life. In my mid-30’s, I realized it wasn’t going to happen “naturally”. Once I decided to adopt, I waited 3 ½ years as a single mom to adopt through the state/ fo...

  • Mommy Time Outs
    Take a time out and use Visualization Meditation to relax. Imagine yourself here along this majestic drive with the beautiful blue sky and snow covered trees. Feel the cool crisp air on your face. Take a couple of deep breaths and begin to let go of ...

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